Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i miss my lil princess

today is the second day i sleep without her..at fisrt i cry..mama miss u.. always think what are you doing now my princess..yesterday nite tokmi sms me told my dya called "mama" i know she is looking for me..i hope allah always be with you..safe you from any harm..any hurt..amin my lil qairina..now i always called her "baby" or "adik" i wanna her feel as baby or adik eventho shes noe nothing..hhihihihi..i wanna cherish her with full moon of love before she become ayong, kak long, sister or watever.. hmm..i took annnual leave bout 2 weeks to take care of her and make sure she recover before leave to tokmi n tokyah with maid at kuantan..tokmi sgt2 sygkn qairina..i can see from her way taking care of her grandchild..better than me!hehe.. erm..talk bout maid..yes i took maid now because of certain reasons..i will share later why i need maid..i hope the maid is ok..work as long as you wanna work, maid! i'll bring you here in KL after raya.. lil bit bored now..come to ofis just sit down and surfing internet..no work to do now..however.. i have to come for attandance..feel like to take AL..but i dont have AL anymore..even MC also is 0 now..so pity me.. since i have more time in office now..i do blogwalking..just silence reader..i read their blog when i found a blog which belong to friend or people i know directly or indirectly..somehow..i enjoy!.. i happy to noe your life journey, your joy, your happy life story..time flies so fast..from singgle..become married, had husband or wife, pregnant, baby, children..hihihi =D

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